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Local Tavern Pool Events

Local Tavern Pool Events2018-12-12T16:05:46+00:00

June 4, 2018

Monday 8-Ball Tournaments @ Mankato Eagles Club, Mankato, MN

Start Time: 6:30 p.m. (goal of finishing before 10:00 p.m.)    $3.00/person      Round Robin   

Would be great to have 10-15 people to participate each week in a handicapped mini tournament

No requirement to attend on a weekly basis  




December 22, 2018

3 Guy 2 Gal Pool Tournament @ Sanborn Golf @ Sanborn, MN

Handicapped  –  Contact Mark Coulter 507-430-6149         




January 5, 2019

5 Person Pool Tournament @ Lamberton Legion, Lamberton, MN


Contact Mark Coulter 507-430-6149



December 28, 2018 – March 15, 2019

King Of The Hill Pool Tournament @ Sanborn Golf

Start Time: 7 p.m.

Any questions, contact Brandon @ 507-330-5536


January 19, 2019

Scotch Doubles Pool Tournament @ Lakefield VFW, Lakefield, MN

Start: Noon          Sign Up with a Partner         $10-$15/person pending number of teams          100% payback/Double Elimination/League Rules

Limited to 16 teams          Sign up as an individual and we can match people up

Sign up at the VFW or call 507-662-6118 


February 22 -23, 2019

6th Annual Woods Grill Pool Tournaments @ The Woods, St. Peter, MN

Friday, Feb 22 singles and Saturday, Feb 23th Scotch Doubles


Name    _________________________________   C & N Ranking__________

Cost is $25 ($20 for entry, $5 for green fees) . 

Start time is 6pm, tables open at 430 pm

1 Division:  C & N ranked A and B players only.  Double Elimination Race to 3 on Winner Side, Race to 2 on Loser Side


Scotch Doubles:  Women’s and Men’s Divisions.  See rules below.

Name    ___________________________ C & N Ranking           ____

Name    ___________________________ C & N Ranking ____

Cost is $60 per team ($40 entry $20 Green Fees)


Doubles starts at 10 am sharp on Saturday, Feb 17th.  Tables open at 9 am.  Rules will be read at 9:45am. Limited to the first:  24 teams Men’s and 8 Women’s teams that have paid.

Men’s doubles teams may contain only one player ranked as a C & N Men’s master and can only be paired with a player ranked A or lower.  Women’s doubles may consist of 1 C & N Women’s master and an A or Lower.  Two C & N master women and or double A’s can pair up but must play in the Men’s division.  Women’s doubles will be played in either a round robin format with league scoring or as an 8 team bracket depending on the number entered which will be determined as soon as possible.


Please send completed entry forms with payment in early to make sure you get your team a spot. 

Brackets will be drawn a soon as tourney is filled.  Doubles matches are numbered and called in order as soon as a table opens to keep it moving along as quickly as possible. 

Make Check Payable to:

Rick Prososki

43708 361st Lane

St Peter, MN  56082