C & N Sales League Rules and Policies – Pool League

Updated July 20, 2019


We will follow the VNEA rules with the following changes and/or additions

1) Subs

            A) In league areas that have several league levels, subs must be used only as allowed

                 by the specific league.  This will be designated on the schedule. (Master, AA, etc.)

            B) Any player who subs improperly against the rule will have their points/games 

                forfeited and the scores will be adjusted accordingly

            C) Once a player has subbed or played 10 times with any one team in that league,

                 they can no longer sub for any other team in that league


2) Forfeits

            A) Any team that forfeits a league match, also forfeits its right to participate

                 in any tournament available to C & N Sales 

            B) Any team that forfeits 3 league matches in a given league season will

                 be removed from the league and not invited back for 2 years

            C) Any team that forfeits an entire match in pool will be awarded zero round

                 points and zero player points

            D) Forfeiting players on a pool team receive zero points

            E) Players from the team present will receive credit equal to their average

            F) Pool team present will receive credit for rounds won equal to their rounds

                 won percentage


3) Tournament Teams

            A) At either the team pool or team dart tournament, a league team can only

                 enter one tournament of Like event.

            B) 4 Person teams must have 3 original players

                 5 Person teams must have 4 original players

                 An original player is a player who has competed 10 league nights with the team entering the tournament.

                 All teams are allowed to draft (1) one sub for the tournament team.


4) Player Rankings

            A) After each tournament, C & N Sales reviews all player finishes and may adjust

                 a players rank at that time.

            B) Players participating in the championship match of a C & N Sales Team event will

                 be evaluated closely.  One or more players from each team will have their

                 individual ranking elavated.


5) Handicapping Team Pool Tournaments

            A) Level one open and all womens teams play in a handicapped tournament

                 at the C & N Sales year end pool tournament

                        Teams are handicapped based on the players competing

                        on that team as follows:

                                    0 – VNEA Master

                                    1 – Elite Master

                                    2 – C & N Master

                                    3 – AA

                                    4 – A

                                    5 – B

              Handicaps will also be assigned based on known ability.


If women participate in the open division at any C&N Tournament, their handicap will convert as follows:


                                    0 to 2

                                    1 to 3

                                    2 to 4

                                    3 to 4

                                    4 to 5

                                    5 to 6


6) National Sanction Fees

            A) Any player/team participating in either the MOMA, IOMA, or VNEA events

                 must pay a $75.00 National Sanction Fee by the December 1st deadline

            B) Teams not submitting the sanction fee by the December 1st deadline may be

                 refused entry or may be required to pay a late fee to the national association


7) Racking & Breaking

           The balls are racked in a triangle at the foot of the table with the 8-ball in the center

           of the triangle, a solid and strip ball in each back corner with the 1st ball of the rack on the footspot

           and the rack parallel to the end rail

           No Flat racks are allowed in league or tournament play