In the year 2014, C&N Sales established a Hall of Fame for area pool and dart players that were deserving of this honor. The complete plaque is displayed at C&N Sales, 1840 Commerce Drive, North Mankato MN.  It reads as follows:

In appreciation of our supporters that have gone out of their way to show loyalty, leadership, and passion for the C&N Sales league system.  Without these people, C&N Sales would not be the largest league system in the world.  For this we thank them, respect them, and salute them.

Dart Players

Nancy Frank 2014

Bruce Hoechst 2014

Jon Mueller 2014

Troy Reed 2014

Sis Chatleain 2015

Merl Grack 2015

David Groebner 2017

Connie Seaman 2018

Sal Gonsalez 2019

Sharon Small 2019